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Tune Samples

What's the difference between a Keepsake Song vs. Acapella Song?

Listen to Minka's song both ways!

  • Our Keepsake Songs (featured on our Shark Tank episode!) are studio recordings with music - perfect for birthday slideshows or dancing around the house!
  • Our Acapella Songs are sung by one voice (without music) - designed for you to learn + sing to your child!

Whatever you choose, your child's custom song will be a one-of-a-kind treasure!

P.S. You can always get an Acapella Song now and upgrade to a Keepsake Recording later! (You just pay the difference!)

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Keepsake Tune Samples

Looking for a soothing lullaby or dance-party-in-the-kitchen? Our library of tunes has it all! Listen to a clip of each of the tunes available for your Keepsake Song! *Full-length samples with vocals below!

Full-Length Samples (with vocals)

**PLEASE NOTE: While the tune + instruments will be the same, the vocals on your song may differ from these examples. We cannot guarantee the same singer, but we have a whole team of incredible artists!**