"A total delight. But it’s more than just fun. It’s creating a snapshot in time… documented in a song that I can cue up forever.”

Whether I play the recorded tune at bedtime or memorize it and sing it myself, it’s more about creating a snapshot in time. All the details I passed along for the lyrics speak to my son’s best and most loveable quirks. And while I set words to music all the time during our daily routine, I rarely record them or have the brain space to remember and repeat them night after night. Thanks to Mama Sing My Song, I now have everything documented in a song that I can cue up forever.

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-Rachel Bowie
“Tears, joy, and really— just pure magic.”

This song is truly one of our prized possessions and I think everyone needs one for their child! We play it in the car while sitting in traffic, my husband plays it on the guitar at home, and we used it as the soundtrack to the video of his first birthday party. I can't wait for him to grow up hearing the sweet melody that totally reflects his fun, bouncy personality and the words that describe just how we feel about him. The magic that comes through a song so perfectly written and composed brings tears, joy and really - just pure magic.


Indianapolis, IN
“Truly invaluable.”

These songs have blessed our family so much! Everyone knows each other’s songs and we sing them multiple times a day— during diaper changes, bath time, after prayers and even when I am frustrated and overwhelmed. They bring us so much joy and reconnect us in the busyness of life. I know they will be sung for many years and remain in our hearts long after our kids are grown. They are truly invaluable to us. Look no further for baby gifts!!! Nothing more precious than these!


San Marcos, CA
“The most special and meaningful gift we have ever received.”

The most special and meaningful gift we have ever received for our daughter. When we first played the song for our daughter, her face absolutely lit up. Every day since then, I have sung the song for her while rocking her to bed. No matter what kind of day we've had, it re-centers us and reminds us in a beautiful way of how dearly loved she is and what our prayer is for her life.


Muskegon MI
“Brought parents to weeping and kids to dancing.”

The personalized lyrics sang by professional voices surrounded by gorgeous instruments brought us parents to weeping and the kids to dancing. We cannot recommend this service enough.


Grand Rapids, MI
“In a day and age where every present is a multicolored plastic toy, I am thankful for a gift that is timeless and special.”

I'm not a big crier, but tears come to my eyes almost every time I listen to Charlotte's song, picturing her dancing to it with her daddy at her wedding one day. In a day and age where almost every present is a multicolored plastic toy, I am so thankful to have a gift that is timeless and special.


St. Augustine, FL
“What a treasure to have forever.”

What a treasure to have for forever. I will be singing Micah's song long after his childhood years. He immediately lit up and kept saying, "Me?? Me!?" We have prayed these things since before he was born and now we have a tune for it that we'll never forget.


Watkinsville, GA
“A helpful tool for teaching my children about their identity.”

The most unique and special gift idea. I wept when I first heard the personalized lyrics detailing things I love about each child and the prayers we pray over their lives. There’s nothing sweeter to me than to hear my daughter dance through the hallways of our home singing her newborn brother’s song. These songs have ministered to me personally as I sing them over my children during the early morning wake up calls, mid-day car rides and late night feedings. They have become a helpful tool for teaching my children about their God-given identity. I will treasure my “Mama Sing My Song” songs for a lifetime!


Miami, FL
“These songs have a piece of my heart in them.”

I feel like these songs have a piece of my heart in them. My 21 month old asks me to sing her song every night while we rock. My 5 month old son falls asleep peacefully in my arms while I sing his. This is the best and most sentimental gift my kids have received. In a world where kids struggle with self esteem issues this song tells them who they are and their purpose in Christ.


Birmingham, AL
“Too perfect for words.”

My daughter's song is just too perfect for words. The first time we heard it, she immediately started dancing and just had this BIG smile as soon as she heard her name. And she kept kissing her phone! You have melted my heart with this song, and I will sing and cherish it FOREVER. My husband is already learning the guitar part of this song so we can sing it and play it for her ourselves. We play it before bed every night and it calms her down immediately! Thank you SO MUCH for this amazing gift of a song that so perfectly captured our daughter.


Riverside, CA
“Our prayer for her life written in beautiful song form.”

My brother & sister-in-law sat down with my husband and I and began to play the song written for our daughter. We immediately began to weep. It was our prayer for her life written in beautiful song form. I listened to it daily during the last months of pregnancy and we sing it our girl every day. She calms immediately when she hears it! This will forever be my favorite gift we've received!


San Diego, CA
“These songs remind our kids that they are loved, delighted in, and created for a purpose.”

I'll never be able to fully express through word just what our songs from "Mama Sing My Song" have meant to our family. To understand it all, you would have to be at our house in the morning when our two 3 year old children beg for each other's songs, or during play time or bed time when I catch them singing to each other their special songs as loud as they can, giggling together. For us, these sweet songs that our kids love also remind them of truth we pray they see their whole lives. That they are loved, delighted in, and created for a purpose by their Heavenly Father. I have no doubt we will be singing these songs for years and years to come.


Indianpolis, IN
“The tunes are catchy, the words are rich, and the time spent singing them over your child is incredibly sweet.”

The tunes are fun and catchy, the words are deeply rich and unique to fit your child’s individual personality, and the time spent singing them over your child is incredibly sweet. Our 3-year-old memorized the song in a matter of days. His face lights up when we sing it to him! My favorite part about the songs is that they aren't just songs about our children, but they are beautifully written prayers that we pray for our children. We anticipate these songs becoming even more of a blessing in the coming years as our children gain a greater understanding of what the words mean. Thank you, Mama Sing My Song, for such a special gift we will certainly cherish! Keep bringing smiles to kids' faces and keep warming the hearts of parents everywhere!

-Mary Beth

Somerset, KY