We want you to absolutely LOVE your child's song! If you don't love it, we'll work with you until you do or refund you!

Please be sure to double-check your answers, including your child’s name, for errors that could affect the songwriting. If a lyric is inaccurate due to an error on the submitted form, it will delay your joy and also require a small fee to be added to compensate the songwriter for rewriting + recording time.

If you need your song sooner than the standard timeframe, you can purchase Expedited Shipping here.


"My Song" is a personalized song just for your child, with an a-capella recording (without music). You will receive a link to an audio file which you may download for personal use.

"My Keepsake" is a personalized song written just for your child, set to music from our pre-set library of tunes.

Our most deluxe package, "Keepsake Original," is a completely original song & tune with a professional studio recording from scratch. Throughout the process, you will have check points with the songwriters and musicians to guarantee your child's song is everything you dreamed.

Sample songs are available in the Song Gallery.

"My Song" purchases will be delivered within 1 week.

"My Keepsake" purchases will be delivered within 3-4 weeks.

"Keepsake Original" purchases will be delievered within 3-4 weeks.

You can look up your order's status below - we'll email you a link to your song, but sometimes those emails get caught in spam.

Search for your order and see if it’s ready! We’ll email (and text!) you a link when it’s complete, but they sometimes get caught in spam folders.

Acapella songs will be ready in 1 week. We’ll send you an acapella preview for studio-recorded Keepsakes in 1 week, and the final recording will be ready 2 weeks after that!

Email info@mamasingmysong.com with questions about your order.

Search for your order here!

Yes! Simply choose the "Keepsake" tune you like best (or let our songwriters choose for you!) when you order your acapella "My Song"- this way, you have the option of upgrading it with music later!

If your child's song is not written to one of the tunes from our Library, it may not be upgraded with music later.

Yes! Keep in mind, however-- the more kids combined into one song = the less details we can include about each child. But it's completely up to you!

If you have the latest version of iTunes, you should be able to download the song from the Dropbox link. The downloaded file will open in and be played through iTunes automatically. From there, you are able to add the song to your iTunes app on your phone.

We suggest using InShot to make a show with your child's song because it's really easy! You'll need to download the InShot app first. Then, from Dropbox, in the upper right-hand corner, you should see 3 dots. Select "Export" > "Copy to InShot." Then in the Inshot app, click on the music icon > "Tracks" > "Imported Music" and you should see the song there!

To create a slideshow, just press the "+" sign on Inshot to add pics-- you can set the duration (how long you want each pic to play) and rearrange the order of the pics how you want. This link is also very helpful!

The songs are sent out in m4a or mp3 format.

To Rerecord Your Child’s Song:

Your animal comes preloaded with your child’s song and ready to go right out of the box!

If you would like to rerecord your child’s song, the sound module in your animal is programmed using the following steps:

1.     Plug audio cable into the sound box and your phone, computer, or audio device.

2.     Adjust volume on your device and start playing audio.

3.     Push the small black circle on the front of your sound box with a pen (the box will beep once when recording has begun)

4.     After the song is complete, push the black circle again to stop recording (the box will beep twice).

5.     Push the white button on front to play!


Too much static? Try a different device (PC, Mac, tablet, phone)

Sound too high/low? Adjust the volume on your device after everything is connected

Not working at all? Please make sure the on/off switch is in the on position and the batteries are in fully.

Poor quality? Make sure the connector is fully and firmly inserted in your device. Remove protective covers

If your issues continue please email info@mamasingmysong.com for support!

Other questions? Feel free to contact us!