Song Revision Policy

We truly put all our hearts into each and every song we create, and understand that changes need to be made from time to time to make it perfect. Below are the various options we have to make things right.

Error Revisions - $0

Fix errors made by your artist that include:

Incorrect Details

  • Your lyrics contain incorrect details based on information originally submitted at the time of purchase (not including personal preference changes or utilizing new information for lyrics)


  • Names, places, or other words are mispronounced within your lyrics

Keepsake Lyric Change  - $0

Order a studio recorded Keepsake and want to change a few lines of your song before it gets recorded? No problem! Let us know within 2 days of receiving your acapella preview what you'd like to change and we'll make it happen on your final studio recording.

Want to change the lyrics of your Keepsake but it's already been recorded? Check out the New Keepsake Recording below.

New Acapella Recording - $15

Need a change on your Acapella song? With a New Acapella Recording your artist will re-record your song with your supplied lyric changes to get your acapella song right. These types of revisions include:

Lyric Change

  • Did your artist get something included but you want it phrased differently? Tell us what you'd rather have and we'll have it re-sung.

Incorrect Detail Supplied

  • Did you accidentally provide incorrect info on your order form? We totally get it and will make the necessary corrections.

Remove Supplied Details

  • You supplied us with details and you may not have thought they would make the song’s lyrics or you changed your mind and want them removed.

New Keepsake Recording - $50

Need a revision to your studio recorded Keepsake? With a New Keepsake Recording we'll make the necessary changes and have it fully mixed.

Unfortunately we won't be able to change your tune or melody without a new song (see below).

Song Replacement Policy - 50% Off

Our Song Replacement Policy allows you to purchase a second song at 50% off while ensuring that the new artist is compensated for creating it. Requests that require a Song Replacement are:

Song Written to a New Tune

  • Picking the right tune is important and sometimes what is produced doesn't line up with what you had in mind. Since each tune has its own unique rhyme structure, switching tunes will require reworking your song to make it fit the tune you want. We strongly suggest browsing our available tunes and selecting the perfect tune for your child's song and let us know in the ordering process.

Song Created In A Different Mood

  • Moods can change a whole song’s vibe and if you’d like your song with different moods in mind, your song will need to be re-created.

Taking advantage of our Song Replacement Policy does not refund your original order, but gives you a second song at a deeply discounted rate written to meet your expectations.

Song changes that we don't offer

Below are some of the revision requests we do not currently offer due to fulfillment complexities:

  • Requests to change or add instrumentation
  • Requests to perform melodies, words, notes, runs differently
  • Re-record full completed songs based on new lyrics you wrote