Snuggle up with a stuffie and a song!

A custom song about your unique little angel and how much you love them, inside of a stuffed animal they can cuddle and cherish forever!

Choose your stuffed animal at the end of the order process.

Girl snuggling her stuffed animal

First, Order Your Child's Custom Song

Tell us all about your child's unique personality and characteristics so we can truly paint a picture of them at this age. It's a snapshot of this time to cherish forever!

Next, Choose a Stuffed Animal

At the end of the order process, choose your child's favorite from several premium, extra-soft animals. They will love cuddling their stuffed animal and playing the song written just about them and how loved they are!


The sound quality is fantastic, even inside a stuffed animal! Listening to their song inside their stuffed animal is the last thing each child does every night and the first thing they do when they wake up. As parents, we love that they are being reminded about the truths of who they are and how loved they are every single day. It's SO worth every penny."

- Kristin

We try to be intentional about the gifts we buy for our little man.  Experiences are greater than things. He sleeps with the bear every night and it's been amazing because he plays it by himself when he's laying in bed at night and it helps him stay in his bed and go to sleep independently. The song is filled with his uniqueness... and words of affirmation and it's absolutely perfect!"

- Lauren R.


Are you ready to have your love for your child captured in a song inside a stuffed animal?

Choose your stuffed animal at the end of the order process.