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Mental Health Benefits of Singing to Your Children

Let’s talk about the mental health benefits of singing. Believe it or not, what you do with your children now has an enormous effect on how they learn to cultivate healthy streams of conscious and subconscious processes. There’s so much buzz these days in regards to mental health, and as a mom, I know it can feel very overwhelming. But, it doesn’t have to be. A lot of the things you are already doing can have an extremely positive effect on your children’s mental health. 

One of those key things is speaking (and singing) words of affirmation. Words have the power to craft and create the world around us. As your child hears that they are wanted, loved, chosen, and believed in, they begin to believe that about themselves.

Since children are mirrors, they are likely to speak positive words about themselves and other people the same way they hear you do it. The simplest, consistent, “I love you” goes the distance. 

Scientifically speaking, positive words have a direct impact on our emotions. Those positive emotions trigger a corresponding release of chemicals in the brain that leaves children feeling secure. In response to that security, your children might start to feel empowered to create, lead, serve and honor well. 

Positive affirmations also help increase feelings of self-worth. This can lead to the increased ability to problem solve, push through challenges, and attach in healthy ways. That’s right — singing at home when they’re little can make a big difference in how they interact in the years to come.

When you fill out a questionnaire from us, we ask you about the things that are unique to your child because those are the very things that will be used to craft a song filled with empowering words and affirmations!

They are so much more than just tunes, songs are ways to tune in and tune up your children’s mental health. You can read more about the emotional and mental health benefits of singing on our previous blog post.