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Benefits of Music in Children

Benefits of Music for Children

Did you know that music isn’t just for your ears? While the benefits of music are endless, here are three key benefits to note.

Music is crucial to the emotional health and development of your children. It helps promote healthy attachment styles, specifically by creating a space to bond and connect with your child. When you sing to your child, you are communicating that they are loved and cared for. Taking the time to connect communicates that they are important to you. Tip: Be intentional to make eye contact during this time! 


Since music promotes bonding, it also is key to helping a child feel emotionally secure. From the day they are born (and even in the womb), children connect with their parents by hearing the sound of their voice. Repeated songs and lyric can calm and reduce stress levels in both mama and baby. As your child grows, hearing a familiar song will trigger the same secure response in their brain.


Music creates shared experiences. Have you ever danced around the kitchen to a fun tune or driven in the car singing the “Wheels on the Bus?” We’ve all been there. While you may cringe a tiny bit at hearing, “round and round” for the 1,000th time, you are creating an opportunity to connect with your child at their level. Giving space for equal participation helps a child feel like they are a part of something, which in turn gives them a feeling of contribution and satisfaction.


If you’re looking for ways to engage with your child musically, check out this sweet craft. Making an instrument together will help you bond, connect, and grow creatively with your child!


P.S. This is a great craft for babysitters, grandparents, and other family members too!
However you choose to connect musically, we hope you learn to find a rhythm that sticks with you!