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A Few Lines From Bennett's Song

Who's that boy with the bright blue eyes, Such a fun and joyful guy

Snugglin' with Ruthie on the couch, He's the bravest kid in town

And all those silly faces he makes, Keep us laughin' every day

You know it's true, I'm talking 'bout you...

Oh Bennett you are, A joy in all our lives

And the party starts, The moment you arrive

You're the final blessing to our family, it's true

Oh Bennett, we're so glad God gave us you

Bennett, you are strong and tough, With a tender heart so full of love

You love to snuggle each night with dad

And we love all the questions you ask

And when I listen to your heart, It says just how amazing you are

You're such a gift, We love you, Bennett

Be strong and be brave, Love God all your days

And don't ever forget, That He'll always love you, Bennett

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